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I promised further details on Tuesday, but have since failed to provide them.

2:50 – I hear my boss’ cell phone ring. Remember how I mentioned that we both had our betas pretty much at the same time on Tuesday? Well she shuts the door to take the phone call. I assume that it’s our OB/GYN’s office calling with her beta results since they get all their lab work back around 2:30

3:08 – I send an e-mail to my husband letting him know how nervous the waiting is making me. He tries unsuccessfully to calm me down.

3:38 – I send another e-mail to my husband asking if they’ve called him with the news (In the past, I’ve had them call Mark instead of me because I was too afraid to get bad news at work). I told him that if they HAD called him and it was bad news, I didn’t want him to keep it from me, I just want to know what’s going on. He says he’s heard nothing.

3:50 – I call my OB/GYN’s office to make sure that they’ve faxed the results over to my clinic. I talk to the lady in the lab and she say she faxed them shortly before 3, so they should definitely have them. I didn’t have the balls to just ask her directly what the results were.

3:50 – 4:40 – Sit at my desk trying to work, but not getting a damn thing done.

4:45 – Mark stops by my desk and asks if I’ve heard anything. Ummmm….no. Don’t you think if they had called I would have told you immediately? He offers to call the clinic to see what’s going on and I give him the contact info.

4:47 – I give up pretending to work and go home because I can’t take the stress and pressure anymore. I lay on the couch moping about what could have been because I’m absolutely convinced it’s bad news.

5:00 – Mark arrives home and finds me on the couch. He asks what’s wrong and I tell him I’m pouting and moping. He asks why I’m not happy and I ask him why in the world I should be happy. He responds with “Because we’re having a baby!” Holy cow. Honestly, the relief that I felt when he told me my beta was perfect was unlike any I’ve ever experience before.

He pulled out his sheet of notes with all of the details on it and shared it with me.

revised notes

The part that I’ve cropped out at the bottom has a list of names on it. They were suggestions from our clinic of names that we could name our baby. The list included our RE’s last name, which I think would make an absolutely adorable little boy’s name, our nurse’s first name, and also a variation on her last name, which would also make a cute boy’s or girl’s name. The list made me laugh and also made me feel good. It made me feel like this was as big of a victory for them as it was for us, which meant a lot to me. It also made me laugh that Mark wrote down the list…and that he wrote down my name at the top of the notes too. Like he might later be confused whose beta results he was writing down.

As you can see on the notes, they wanted me to have my first ultrasound in two to two-and-a-half weeks. I’m as about impatient as they come, so of course I went for two weeks and our first ultrasound will be on June 29th at my local OB/GYN. I will be six weeks and four days then, so we should be able to see the heartbeat then (fingers crossed). We have another ultrasound scheduled two weeks after that as well, at which point we would be “released” from our RE, which is kind of a silly term since we aren’t even seeing them at all from here on out.

Anyway, there’s the recap for you. I’ve been able to just relax and enjoy myself the past couple of days, which has been really nice.

Oh, and for those who have been wondering, my boss hasn’t asked anything yet. I’m not sure if she will or not, but Mark and I decided that it would be OK to tell her if she does ask. I’m not exactly thrilled about having her be the first non-infertile to find out, but it’s also not the end of the world either. I know she’s trustworthy (as far as I know, she’s kept our yearlong “we’re starting fertility treatments” statement a secret) and like I said before, it could help my non-professional relationship with her.

So there’s my life in a nutshell. Just hanging in there and trying to enjoy every moment.


Holy crap. In what has undoubtedly been the longest and most stressful day of any history I can remember, I am pleased to announce that I am amazingly and unbelievably still pregnant.

The agonizing wait had me convinced that the numbers weren’t rising appropriately and no one wanted to share the bad news with me.

My husband just got home and shared with me that my beta today was 588, which, when I whip out my handy dandy calculator, happens to be EXACTLY four times what it was on Friday. What can I say, I’ve always been a perfectionist.

The stress of the exceptionally long wait today has left me utterly exhuasted and completely drained. I’ll update with more details later.

Thanks again for all of your kind comments and cheers, they mean so much.

So yesterday while talking to the boss lady she told me that she goes to the same OB/GYN that I do. She also said that she was going to have her blood test today. I didn’t occur to me until I was recapping our conversation for my husband that there was a small chance that we could run into each other while having our blood work done. Yup. It happened. She was turning into the parking lot as I was turning out. If you’ll remember, I told her that I wasn’t having my beta until Friday, hoping to buy myself a few days with the results so that we could adjust, either way. I know that she’ll ask me what I was doing there since my test wasn’t supposed to be until Friday. I’ve decided that I’ll just tell her that I had some spotting and they wanted to check my progesterone to make sure that everything is OK. Do you think it will fly? I hate, hate, HATE lying. This stinks.

I am completely on edge today. That calmness that I felt yesterday is 100% gone today. I was thinking about it and realized that I knew what the outcome of Friday’s beta would be, to some extent. I knew that I was pregnant, I just didn’t know exactly how pregnant I was. This time around I have no idea what to expect. I know that last night’s test is darker than Friday’s, but that doesn’t mean anything. So my beta will probably be higher, but I have no idea how much higher. I am 100% in the dark here. I’m not above begging, so please, please, please let my beta be around 600 today. Please.

So my boss called me into her office again today. Her boss had spent a significant amount of time in her office with the door shut about an hour or so prior to that, so as always happens when she calls me into her office, my stomach sank just a little bit.

I should have known that she didn’t want to discuss work. The second the door closed she started the conversation by saying “You know how I was going to test on Friday? I couldn’t wait and tested this morning and I’m pregnant!”

Holy cow. Really? Really?!? Inside my head I’m just absolutely flabberghasted. REALLY?!?!?

I was genuinely happy for her though and smiled and told her congrats. I asked her what her next step was and she said that she was going in for her blood test tomorrow, so I asked her what OB/GYN she went to. Turns out she goes to the same one I do, at which point I launched into my history with Dr. Ass Clown. She asked if I was doing my fertility treatments with him, which made me laugh. I explained that I pretty much only do my blood work there now when I have to have tests done.

She asked me about some details about our treatment and I explained to her that we were, in fact, doing IVF and that this was the last chance at a biological baby for us. She asked again when I would know if the cycle was successful and I lied and told her the blood test was on Friday. She asked if I had tested at all and I lied again told her no. She asked if I had symptoms and I lied yet again. I couldn’t stop the lies from spewing from my mouth, but this is too private for me to share with my boss just yet. Our parents don’t even know yet.

Anyway, eventually the conversation ended though not before my boss reiterated how much she hopes she has a girl since she has two boys already. I told her that if she ended up with a boy, we’d be more than happy to take the little boy off her hands so she could try for a girl. Nice. Really classy, I tell ya, but I couldn’t help it…I meant it. Anyway, she asked me to keep her up to date as to what happens on Friday.

Eventually I went upstairs to tell my husband that she was pregnant. As I was walking up the stairs, it occurred to me how dramatically different the entire conversation would have been for me if I were not already pregnant. I can’t even imagine having that conversation if I hadn’t already had a good beta. I know that pesky lump would have formed in the back of my throat and tears would have sprung to my eyes, which I would have desperately tried to fight back.

I found my husband in the kitchen getting some water and told him the news. I told him how while I think that us being pregnant together would be a good opportunity for us to bond, it also absolutely scares the shit out of me. To have my very own boss be due only a week and a half behind me would cause so much heartache for me if something were to happen to this pregnancy. To have to watch her growing belly and hear her talk about her pregnancy would absolutely kill me. He reassured me and told me not to get ahead of myself, that we’re just taking things one day at a time. That’s all that we can do at this point.

In other news, I caved this evening and tested again. The line was definitely darker than the last one, but once again I was disappointed by how “not dark” it was. I’m not concerned that there is anything wrong, I was just hoping that maybe it’s be closer to the same shade as the control line. Through lots of thorough research (which translates to frequent visits to this webpage, I’ve convinced myself that my particular package of tests must be pretty weak on dye. For example, there are more than a few tests where the beta was around 150, just like mine, and the test line was nearly as dark as the control line. Mine was absolutely no where near as dark as the control line. In fact, based off of those tests, I fully expected Friday’s beta to be somewhere in the 50-75 range. I guess all that it proves is that you really can’t base anything off of the darkness of the tests and that’s a nice consolation for me. In fact, I’m only slightly nervous about tomorrow’s beta. I feel good about it and maybe that’s just because I have absolutley no control over it. What will be will be.

It’s going to be a long day tomorrow…

But I am unequivocally pregnant.

My nurse just called and as soon as she introduced herself I could hear some noise in the background. She asked if I heard it and I told her no and she explained that it was my doctor yelling out “Congratulations!!!” She told me that I am pregnant and that my beta was 147. She said she was so nervous when she got the fax that she almost didn’t want to look at it and that my doctor was looking over her shoulder as she pulled it off the fax to see what the number was. They are all very happy and excited for us, and I could tell it just from her voice.

Holy cow. I am pregnant. And I’m shaking.

As of first thing this morning, I am still pregnant.

I laid around in bed after the alarm went off not wanting to get up and trying wistfully to get back to sleep. It’s not because I was tired. It’s because I was terrified. I didn’t want to do another test, but felt I had to so that I wouldn’t be caught off guard when the clinic called with my beta results. Finally I couldn’t put it off any longer and I had to get up and just do it.

Much to my relief, the second line came up quickly this time. I knew this was a good sign. The line is significantly darker than the previous two tests which makes me feel better even though I know comparing two different brands of tests is silly.

So as of now, I resolve to think only positive thoughts about everything. Right now I am pregnant and the only question is how pregnant am I? I will post my beta number as soon as I have it.

For yesterday and today, at the very least, I can count myself as pregnant.

After the longest two and a half years of my life, I finally saw two pink lines on my test yesterday morning. To be quite honest, I would have been shocked, utterly shocked, if my test had been negative. Unlike every other two week wait that I’ve been through along this road, this time I’ve actually had real symptoms. I’ve been having a lot of pain in my right ovary, exactly like ovulation pain. I’ve also had very mild cramps on and off for the past few days, along with a “pulled muscle” feeling every time I rolled over in bed this weekend. To go from never experiencing these symptoms to all of them happening at once had me convinced that I must be pregnant.

I actually tested on Monday night after my acupuncturist stated that my pulses “couldn’t decide if they wanted to be slippery or not.” In TCM, a slippery pulse is a sign of pregnancy, so that coupled with my other symptoms drove me to testing. I used a crappy Equate test (one of those plus/minus ones) and there was definitely a line. Faint, but definitely there. I couldn’t tell if there was color or not though. I chalked it up as an evap, was slightly disappointed, and hoped for better results the next morning.

Yesterday morning I got up and tested right away and was really disappointed when a second line did not show up immediately. It took a while for the line to faintly begin to appear. Eventually it was to the point where I could definitely see it and was indisputably there, but was still what I would consider faint. Even though I knew better, I decided to pull out the big guns and do a digital. I really, really wanted to tell my husband that night if I were indeed pregnant, but given my horse’s ass performance the last time I thought I had a positive test, I wanted to be able to reassure him that I really, really was actually, for real this time, pregnant. The line on my Answer test was pretty faint, so I was pretty convinced that the digital would be negative, but I just couldn’t stop myself. I dipped the test and a few minutes later it read “PREGNANT.”

Even though I know a line is a line and two lines means you’re pregnant, I was still shocked to see those words. After everything that we’ve been through it just didn’t even seem possible that it could actually happen. Even with IVF, the holy grail of reproductive technology, I still felt that we’d end up on the wrong side of the stats. And I know that it is so early and there are no guarantees. For now I’m trying my best to enjoy being pregnant and not spaz out about everything, though I’ve already stupidly tested again and began to freak out about the fact that it is no darker than yesterday’s test. The coming and going of the symptoms also has me on edge and I begin to worry if I haven’t had any pain or cramps for more than a few hours. Rationally I know that tests can vary and don’t necessarily have any bearing on what’s actually going on, and I know that symptoms are bound to come and go, but sometimes it’s hard to believe that in your heart. I am trying to remind myself that what will be will be and I have absolutely no control over anything that happens from here on out.

And the waiting continues. Beta is on Friday, so if you can, please think strong beta numbers for me.

It occurred to me the other day that I never did update about my colposcopy results. Both my pap and my biopsy were normal, so that is one less thing to worry about thankfully. That’s it, just a quick update.

I just got the call and my beta was negative. While I was very well aware of this, it was still nice just to have the official confirmation. I have been feeling crampy for a past few days, so it will be nice to let my body do what is wants to, which is shed all remnants of this cycle away.

Today is my second anniversary of marriage with Mark and while getting these results today should probably make me feel sad, I actually feel a sense of renewal. We’re beginning a new year of our life together and beginning another phase in expanding our family. It feels almost like starting over with a clean slate, which is very much needed and appreciated.

It’s strange to think that our entire marriage has been spent trying to have a baby. I know that no one plans on being infertile, but I never would have imagined myself in this position on our wedding day. Hell, I wouldn’t have even imagined us here one year ago. But it is what it is. We are where we are. And we have no choice but to accept our situation and try to make the best of things.

So tonight we are using a very generous gift certificate that a friend gave us as a wedding present two years ago and we’re going out for a fancy dinner. We’re not “fancy dinner” kind of people by any stretch of the mind, so it will be fun to play grown up and enjoy ourselves and all that we have. While the past two years have been one kind of hell after another, it really makes me appreciate the many good things that we have in our lives, and I fully intend to celebrate those things tonight.

So on Thursday I had my annual pap smear appointment with my OB/GYN, otherwise known as Dr. Ass Clown. If you’re not familiar with this post, then the quick summary is that I went to see Dr. Ass Clown when we’d been trying for 6 months and asked him to give me the cycle day three tests. His response was that there was no need since both my husband and I are young and healthy and that we just needed to give it more time. “The system works” he told us and proceeded to tell me lots of ridiculous stories of patients of his who despite struggles with fertility got pregnant. Blah, blah, blah. Back then I was not as pushy or insistent as I have since become, so I just believed him and went on my merry way. Besdies, isn’t t easier to believe that everything is OK, than to fight with someone hoping that they’ll find something wrong with you?

Anyway, the last time I saw Dr. Ass Clown was last December when he gave me a sonohysterogram, which was his “compromise” with me since I didn’t want to pay for an HSG. Since December, I found out that I have elevated FSH, which of course has made me very bitter and resentful towards Dr. Ass Clown because if he had run those CD3 tests that I had requested back in July of ’07, then I would have found out about the problem a good six months earlier. That would have been six months in which I could have escalated our treatment plan. In fact, had I found out six months earlier, I may have even been pregnant right now, instead of still trying to get pregnant. So yeah, I’m still carrying around bad feelings towards this doctor.

But back to Thursday. Dr. Ass Clown walks in and asks me how things are going and we have some small talk. Then he asks how things are going on the infertility front. Well, it’s pretty obvious since he’s my OB/GYN, that things aren’t going so well, otherwise I would have been in to see him a lot more frequently than I have. I told him that we’re just starting an IVF cycle and that we’d already tried once and that it was cancelled. He looked at me and ask “because you had too many follicles?” Umm…no. Because I didn’t have enough. And wow, while I’m typing this out, I just realized what an asinine question that really was. I personally have never, ever heard of someone having their IVF cycle cancelled because there were too many follicles. Huh. Well I guess that just justifies my opinion of him even more.

Anyway, he begins the exam and while he’s doing my breast exam (which totally creeps me out, for some reason), he asks me if we’ve considered adoption. EXCUSE ME?!? I was blown off of my feet. My own gynecologist is asking me if I’ve considered adoption. I told him that we were definitely not to that point yet all the while thinking in my head “especially since we just plunked down $20,000 for three tries at IVF.” He didn’t really have anything else to add about the subject so he just mentioned how expensive adoption is. Uh, yeah, and it’s no cake walk either!

So then we get to the good part of the appointment. In goes the speculum and he takes his little sample for my smear. Then he says to me and this is no joke “Well, it looks like I made you bleed a little bit. Has that ever happened during a pap before?” Umm…hello? How the hell am I supposed to know?!? I’m at the opposite end of this party, and having never given myself a pap before, I have no idea. Shouldn’t he be the one to know if he’s ever made me bleed before? Good lord. At this point I just wanted to get my clothes back on and get he hell out of there.

But of course I can’t get off that easy. He tells me to get dressed and he’ll come back and we’ll chat. Upon his return he asks if there is anything that they can do to help out with everything. Hmmm…nope. Nothing you can do to help out this time, Dr. Ass Clown. You refused to give my CD3 tests when I asked for them, told me everything was fine, and now you made me frickin bleed during my pap. I think you’ve done more than enough, thank you very much.

He did, however, end our “chat” by saying that RE’s are very protective of their pregnant patients and he knows that they like to keep them at their clinics for a while after they get pregnant before they graduate them. He said that if I ever had spotting or cramping or any concerns over the weekends once I do get pregnant, that I could call his office and they would see me. And believe me, that was a huge relief since I know that once I do get pregnant, I will be very, very nervous.

So now all I have to do is actually get pregnant. It shouldn’t be so tough, right? The system works!

Oh yeah, and for those who are curious, I will definitely be seeing a midwife once we finally see those two lines…I’ve had enough of Dr. Ass Clown for now.

So last summer we got some new across the street neighbors and the woman just happened to be pregnant. Of course it was a lot of fun for me to see her out and about in the neighborhood all cute and pregnant. We aren’t really good friends with them, so we didn’t have to hang out with them too much, but we would chat with them frequently. The minimal exposure to her pregnancy suited me just fine and she gave birth to their son in November.

Today their blog popped up on my blog reader as having a new post, so I went to check it out. There was an adorable picture of their 8 month old son and at the very bottom, the news that she is pregnant yet again.

Holy crap. I’ve presumably been lapped in the big game of trying to conceive. Obviously I have no idea how long it took them to conceive their son, but I’m guessing that since she was able to get pregnant only 8 months postpartum that it didn’t take them too long to get pregnant with the first.

So yeah. That feels just great. Fortunately, I have my own good news to share. We’ve been accedpted into the shared risk program and I’ve already had my sonohysterogram, so we’ll be starting our IVF cycle with the start my next cycle! We are really happy to have everything figured out and ready to go.

Oh yeah, since I never did a follow up post, here is how everything went down. On Monday I called the financial services lady once again trying to get a hold of here and of course, no dice. I was freaking out, second guessing our decision to go to this clinic because we couldn’t get anyone to call us back. Finally Mark called and for some reason she decided to respond to his message. Long story short, her mother was very ill the week prior and she was out of the office all week. She kept thinking that she was going to back each day, but wasn’t able to return to work until Monday. So when Mark finally got her on the phone, she apologized for the lack of communication, explained the circumstances and managed to arrange our IVF education class for us on Thursday as well.

In the end, everything worked out great and we were able to knock out both the SHG and class at the same time. We had a good time in Iowa and are feeling really good about our upcoming IVF cycle! Now I just have to find the patience to wait it out!

1. Since it’s a special night for your and your husband, make sure that you take a test before you go out. If it’s somehow miraculously positive, you want to be able to celebrate, right?

2. When that second pink line miraculously shows up, faint, but definitely there, prepare a special way to tell your husband that after 18 months and 5 IUI’s, you’ve finally done it!

3. When your husband comes home from work, tell him in that special way and share a brief moment of sheer happiness.

4. When your husband asks how you know, you pull that test out of your pocket to show him those two beautiful pink lines, only to realize that the 2nd pink line has faded away to nearly nothing.

5. Assure husband that you know way more about pregnancy tests than he does, and a line is a line, therefore you’re pregnant! Besides, the pee you used to test with was REALLY diluted and most women get darker lines in the morning. Tomorrow morning’s test will undoubtedly be very obviously positive.

6. Be sure to chat about how great it is that you finally got pregnant the cycle before you were going to move on to IVF and discuss all of the ways that you can spend the money you were planning to put towards IVF.

7. Continue to celebrate and discuss all of the fun things that you happily won’t get to do now that you’re pregnant, like take cruises, go to amusement parks, etc.

8. If your husband is still a bit hesitant to let himself get excited about this pregnancy because of the “barely there” second line, just remind him that no matter what happens, for this moment, you are pregnant.

9. The next morning take a test using some super concentrated pee. When the line shows up even fainter than yesterday’s (or maybe it’s not there at all, you’ve just convinced yourself that it has to be there since you ARE pregnant, after all), chalk it up to the fact that some women get better results in the afternoons instead of the mornings.

10. Run to the store at lunch to get more tests so that you can see those two beautiful lines when you test again after work.

11. When only one line shows up after work, find someway to tell your husband that you must have been wrong somehow.

12. Realize how absolutely foolish you were to jump the gun and the pain that you have caused your husband and yourself. Promise yourself that you will never, ever get so caught up in two faint lines again.

So that’s my Monday evening and Tuesday in a nutshell. Why the second pink line? I have no idea. It’s definitely not an evap because the line came up within a minute or two and it’s definitely pink, just faded very much from how it originally looked. It could be a chemical, I suppose. If not a chemical, then I have no explanation.

I feel absolutely horrible for getting Mark all worked up only to have it taken away today. When I saw that second pink line come up yesterday, the feeling was unbelievable and I couldn’t believe how narrowly we’d escaped having to do IVF. But more than anything, I was looking forward to sharing my excitement with my husband. He was so excited and happy for us, despite the fact that he wasn’t completely sure if it was real or not. What hurts me the most is knowing the hurt I created for him. I cried today. Not for myself, but for the confusion, disappointment, and pain I created for him. I’ve learned my lesson and will not say anything in the future unless the test is blaringly positive or if a digital test says pregnant.

So I’m back into research mode since we will be moving on to IVF next. There are lots of small things that we need answers to in order to select where we will be doing our IVF cycles and it seems that answers are difficult to come by sometimes. But we will keep plugging away and know that someday we’ll get ours too.


Well, after months and months of putting it off as an unnecessary and very expensive test, I finally had my HSG done today.  It went fine and both tubes are open.  The right was slow to flow, but did eventually go, so perhaps there was a small clog of some sort?  I don’t know.  Additional good news is that there is no septum, nor is my uterus bicornuate, so yippee for that!  The bonus was that the entire procedure was nearly painless.  The worst parts were how she had me hold my legs to insert the catheter which gave me leg cramps, and two seconds (literally) of intense cramping.  Other than that it was a piece of cake.


I guess in the end it was an unnecessary test because everything was normal, but at least now I have that peace of mind and don’t have to worry about having blocked tubes or a wonky uterus. 


Up next:  ultrasound on Saturday to see how things are progressing in those ovaries of mine.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for good results.

Originally posted February 6, 2008

As strange as it sounds, my elevated FSH has actually provide me with a sense of relief. Yes, elevated FSH does suck, and I have no way of knowing how this will turn out in the end, but now I have some sort of reason, some explanation for why we haven’t been able to get pregnant yet. Instead of scouring the internet looking for possible reasons, I can now firmly point to one thing and say “This is why we’re having troubles.” I don’t have to speculate anymore, I don’t have to lay awake wondering about this or that little thing that could be our problem.

It also gives me something to focus on. Something concrete. Now that I know, I can focus on what to do to make my situation better. How can I deal with this and try to make the best of it.

A part of me is terrified that we’ll never be able to have our own kids, kids that are part Mark and part me. It may come down to using donor eggs, which would mean that our kids wouldn’t be any part of me, genetically. In some sense, it seems easier to accept adopting a child that is no part of me, and no part of Mark than it is to have a child that’s part Mark but no part of me. I can get over that, I think.

I have to get over that because I really want to experience pregnancy. I want to be able to hear my baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler, and to see it bouncing around on the ultrasound. I want to feel it kicking inside of me and feel the sensation of little bubbles when it has the hiccups. I want to wear cute maternity clothes and have people ask me when I’m due. I want to look forward to the experience of giving birth. I want everything that comes along with pregnancy, even the morning sickness, heartburn, constipation, sore back and feet and general discomfort associated with pregnancy. I want it all.

But I may not be able to conceive with my own eggs. And I may not be able to carry a baby created using someone else’s eggs. So I have to come to terms with the fact that adoption may be in our future. Adoption is something that I’m very interested in, but in some ways it seems even more painful and frustrating than trying to conceive. I’ve seen how devastating adoption can be when you’re so close and then things fall through. Two co-workers of mine actually had their adopted baby for 3 weeks before the birth mother decided she wanted it back. It was devastating to watch the aftermath.

I guess it all comes down to the fact that there are no easy answers and someday I’m sure trying to find the answers to those questions will weigh on me. But for now, I feel as though a giant weight has been lifted from me. I feel a renewed desire and interest in life. For today, at least, I feel relief.

Our History

Dec 2006 - Started trying to conceive
Summer 2007 - Semen analysis (great), progesterone test (normal)
Dec 2007 - SHG normal
Jan 2008 - 1st RE appointment
Feb - Mar 2008 - Diagnosed with elevated FSH levels, 2 rounds of IUI with 5mg of Femara
Apr - Jun 2008 - Seeing a new RE. 3 rounds of IUI with 12.5mg of Femara, all busts. HSG normal
July 2008 - Moving on to IVF at a new clinic
Aug/Sep 2008 - 1st IVF cycle - cancelled due to poor response
Nov/Dec 2008 - Retry IVF, transferred one blast and one morula, negative beta
Feb/Mar 2009 - 2nd IVF cycle - Antagonist protocol
May 2009 - 3rd and final attempt at IVF - Antagonist protocol
Feb 18th, 2010 - our One Small Wish comes true: Nina Adele is born.

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