My absolute least favorite time of the day is bed time. I feel rather fortunate that up until recently, sleeping was not a big deal for me. Having said that, sleep is now something that I feel like I have to put effort into. I don’t have much trouble falling asleep, but staying asleep is not something that I excel at anymore. Sleeping on my back has sadly become not a comfortable option anymore, which leaves me with only my two sides, which isn’t horrible since I tend to sleep on my sides anyway. However, the pull on my back from the enormous weight of my belly limits that amount of time that I can tolerate each side. So I wake up frequently and need to roll over to the other side. This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have a nagging pain on the left side of my crotch that makes turning over somewhat painful. Then there are the times that I wake up to painful contractions. I have contractions all day long, but they are just painless tightening of my belly, but for some reason the ones I get in the middle of the night are actually kind of painful. Maybe it’s just the contraction combined with the strain of supporting my belly, but it’s not comfortable. I will count myself as fortunate for not having to get up multiple times a night to go pee, in fact, I rarely ever get out of bed to pee. I guess I should just be thankful for this small bit of good fortune.

As a counter to the discomfort of sleeping, my morning shower is by far and away the best time of my day. I have become increasingly late to work (which is not a big deal since we have flex time) due to my extra long showers. The hot water streaming over my achy body is the sweet relief that I look forward to every night as I crawl into bed.

According to random people who seem to think it’s appropriate to weigh in on my perceived size, I am simultaneously “small” and “huge” for how far along I am. Personally I tend to believe that I fall more into the huge category (especially since I’ve already gained 35 pounds), but I do love to hear from my acupuncturist and chiropractor that I look small. Either way, I’m not at all concerned with people’s opinions on this topic. I’m pretty sure that my body knows what it should be doing as far as weight gain goes, so I’ll just let it do what it wants to do.

The baby’s room was finally painted this week. My very generous mom offered, no insisted, that she be allowed to paint the room so that I wouldn’t have to inhale the paint fumes. I’ve come to learn that putting up a fight against my mom on issues such as this will bring no good. Now that the room is painted, I was finally able to assemble baby’s dresser today, which means that now I can load all of her little clothes and diapers into it. This is huge as I no longer have to have all of her clothes stacked on her co-sleeper, which means the co-sleeper can now be disassembled and moved out of her room (and I’m still not sure how it ended up in there in the first place). So all this means that we can finally start making her room HER ROOM and not just a storage place stacked full of all of her stuff. Yay for progress!

I have an ultrasound scheduled on Monday to check baby girl’s current position. As of this very moment, I can say with 99% certainty that she is still breech or transverse depending on how she feels at the moment. My chiropractor says that she’s making lots of progress loosening up the ligaments in my pelvis, hoping that will allow her the space she needs to turn. She also said that she’s never seen anyone with ligaments as tight as mine. The moxibustion treatments are going, well, I guess I don’t know how they’re going. She moves around a whole lot when I am doing them, so I know that it’s having some effect, but she hasn’t turned head down just yet. I just hope that all of these crazy things that I’m doing all add up to a head down baby sooner than later. My OB stated that if she’s still head up on Monday, that they’d like to schedule an external cephalic version around 37 weeks. I’m not even remotely sold on this option as it’s rather uncomfortable for me and I think it’s a lot trauma to put the baby through, not to mention the risk of complication like premature labor or placental abruption. I will keep the faith that she will turn on her own and I won’t even have to worry about making the decision.

Our baby girl has no name. We affectionately call her Tina (as in “Tina, come eat your ham!” from Napoleon Dynamite), but that’s just her temporary nickname. As of two nights ago, we had a list of 22 names that were under consideration. I kept on my husband until he was willing to sit down and review the list with me at which point we were able to cut the list in half and are now down to a respectable 11 names. Sigh. I really think that she won’t have a name until she is born. I am confident that we could cut the list in half again before she’s born, but I think we’ll end up at the hospital with a baby girl in our arms and a iphone list of 5 or 6 names to pick from. Hopefully she will help us out by definitely “fitting” into one of the names that we’ve got left.

My baby shower with my friends is next Sunday. While I’m excited to finally get to have a baby shower, I’m also kind of nervous as I don’t really enjoy being the center of attention anymore like I used to just a few short years ago. I’m also worried about how I will handle things emotionally. Only 3 people at the shower know of our struggles to get pregnant and everything that we went through to get to this point, so I’m hoping that I don’t turn into a blubbering mess when it all hits me. I suppose if I did, I could blame it all on the hormones, right?

Speaking of hormones, I don’t seem to have any of them. Or any of them that effect me emotionally, at least. The couple of times that I have cried while pregnant were 100% justified, and not at all induced by some sappy commercial on the TV. I don’t feel like I’ve had a shorter fuse than normal and I don’t really feel like things affect me any more than they ever did. Maybe it’s the acupuncture that evens everything out for me, or maybe I’m just lucky? I should rephrase that and say that maybe my husband’s just lucky. :o)

That’s life at 36 weeks for me. I’m still in awe that in less than 6 weeks, we will be holding our long sought after baby. We are so fortunate.