There seems to be no doubt that this baby is in fact part me and part my husband. I say this because so far she has been incredibly stubborn. The OB confirmed my suspicions that little baby girl remains in a non-head down position. This has me rather frustrated at this point. Somehow I didn’t realize that after a certain time frame, most babies are in fact head down. I just thought that they turned when they turned and that was that. Apparently 34 weeks is really the point where they’d like to see babies head down. I’m now 35 and a half weeks. And she’s head in my right side.

As I mentioned in my last post, a c-section just isn’t what I had in mind for my first, and likely only, birth experience. So I’ve begun Project Flip Baby. The project is somewhat time consuming and, quite honestly, rather expensive.

Step 1: Get chiropractic treatment using the Webster Technique. Of course none of the chiropractors that are covered by my insurance practice the Webster Technique. So I will get chiropractic treatment 2-3 times a week, hoping to realign my pelvis and provide her with a uterus that is welcoming to a head down position.

Step 2: Increase acupuncture treatments to once a week. Sigh. I so thought I was done with weekly treatments. My savings account was finally starting to grow again after months and months of weekly treatments to the tune of $280 a month, plus whatever herbs, vitamins or crazy new “miracle” item my acupuncturist could think of to add to my tab.

Step 3: Start a daily regimen of moxabustion treatment – 20 minutes of holding a smoking stick of dried herbs over each pinky toe.

In studies, the moxabustion was shown to increase the spontaneous correction rate in breech babies from 73% for those who did nothing, up to 92%. I will definitely take that extra 19% chance of having her turn.

The Webster Technique was shown to result in an 82% success rate in turning malpositioned babies.

I have no idea what the success rate of acupuncture on its own is, but I’m really hoping that my three pronged approach to getting this little girl to flip works out for us.

If not, then the only other option prior to a scheduled c-section (assuming she doesn’t flip on her own later), is an external version, which I am definitely not comfortable with yet.

So far I’ve felt lots of movements following my first Webster and moxa treatments, but she’s most definitely still head to the right.

Flip girl, flip!