I had to pick up some essentials the other day, so I headed over to my local Wal-Mart (yes, I shop at Wal-Mart for basic items, don’t hate me for it). On my way to the back of the store I passed by a display table of long sleeved shirts that were marked down to $5 each, which was not a super stellar deal since they were only $8 to begin with, but I’m a sucker for inexpensive clothes, so I stopped to take a look. I picked up one of the shirts, unfolded it and saw that it was a nice generous length, definitely long enough to fit over my rapidly expanding belly. My wardrobe is well stocked with short sleeved shirts that still fit, but I could use a few extra long sleeved ones since the temperatures are beginning to drop around here, so I hunted around until I found an extra large and threw it in my cart, happy with my $5 find.

It wasn’t until I went to put my new shirt on this morning that I realized that it is branded by Miley Cyrus. I’m pretty sure that Miley has absolutely no intentions of having her line of clothes worn by pregnant women. In fact, I’m willing to guess that it was the exact opposite of her plans. What would Miley, role model for countless young girls, think knowing that her shirts are actually perfect maternity shirts?

In other, more relevant news, we had our 32 week appointment yesterday. My clinic is different in that they don’t do an anatomy/anomaly scan at 20 weeks like most others do, instead opting to wait until 32 weeks and check everything then. So we went in to our appointment knowing that we would get to see a lot of our little girl yesterday. Our clinic also does has one of those fancy 4D ultrasound machines, so we were looking forward to getting a sneak peek at her little face.

The good news is that she looks absolutely perfect. Everything measured right on target, with a few things measuring a week or so ahead. The u/s tech estimates her at 4 pounds right now and puts her in the 56% percentile for size. She said the average birth weight is around 7.5 pounds, so she estimates that if I go to term, she will be right around that size too. Our baby girl is currently breech and folded in half, with her head and feet below my right ribs and her butt near my left hip. I guess now I know that the hard lump that sticks out of my right side occasionally is in fact her head, and not her butt/elbow/foot like I had thought it might be. We were very happy to see and hear that everything looks great.

We were disappointed, however, to find that she is facing my spine, which meant no pictures of her face. Because of her positioning the tech was unable to get a few measurements that she needed, so we’ll take another peek at my next appointment in two weeks to see if she’s moved and get the missing info if she has. I’m hoping that maybe she’ll have moved to a better position by then, but I won’t be too upset if we don’t get that sneak peek. It will make meeting her next year all the more interesting.