31 – Number of calendar months we’ve been trying to get pregnant
91 – Approximate number of eggs I’ve produced in those 31 months
22 – Approximate number of eggs that MIGHT have been decent enough to be fertilized and keep growing
0 – Number of eggs that fertilized and implanted in my uterus, to date
38 – Vials of Repronex injected into my belly
7,900 – IU’s of Follistim injected into my belly
6 – Number of X’s drawn in permanent marker on my ass
Way too many to count – Needles thrust into my body over the last year
3.5 – Number of IVF cycles we’ve been through
61.8 – Percentage of transfers resulting in live births at my clinic in 2007
94 – Percent chance I should have had to get pregnant after three complete IVF cycles

So which part do I fall into? The 94% of women my age who statistically SHOULD have a live birth after three IVF cycles or the 6% who won’t?

I have no idea, but I am absolutely terrified to find out.