Let me start by saying that I’d consider myself to be an experienced Repronex user. My first experience with Repronex was quite painful, but I thought I’d figured it all out after that. Turns out I was wrong. Check out the damage I managed to inflict on myself tonight.


See that little pooch sticking out of my belly? Yup…that’s Repronex. It’s just sitting there. Doing nothing. Nothing other than making my belly stick out. Lovely.


These shots were taken about a minute after I finished the injection…you can see a beautiful bruise already developing. So it turns out that I can’t even manage to inject myself without leaving a black and blue knot sticking out of my stomach. It feels like a rock and though it’s painless right now, I’m not convinced that’s how it’s going to feel tomorrow. Here’s hoping that this is just a fluke and not indicative of how the rest of the cycle will go.

Welcome to IVF version 3.5…enjoy your stay.

UPDATE: Just had to share the shiner I’ve developed overnight…isn’t it a beauty? Ah the things we’ll do for a baby.P1000393