And here’s why. Today is 2 days after my 5 day transfer, which, if you do the math, equals 7 days after egg retrieval, which is the equivalent of ovulation. So I’m 7 days beyond ovulation today. Given that your typical luteal phase is only two weeks, that means that I’m already half way through my TWW! I really appreciate the lab taking good care of my embryos for nearly five whole days because it means that I don’t have the burden of doing it myself. Those last five days of my cycle are usually the worst and when I start to go stir crazy, so to take those five days out of the equation means that I have pretty good chance of staying sane for the remainder of my TWW.

Only time will tell, of course, but right now waiting one more week to test seems like a piece of cake. Targeted test date: March 18th. Stay tuned.

In other news, I FINALLY found my PIO sweet spot. I got all cocky this time around and didn’t even ask the nurse to mark the shot locations on me after retrieval. I figured that by now I was a pro and didn’t need anyone to draw on me, I would just figure it out. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. While I didn’t inflict any crazy bruises or serious butt muscle pain like last time, they were definitely more painful than I was used to.

I was beginning to get a little ticked off, but I finally remembered the “locating” tips that a couple of women gave me last time and now it seems that I’m back on track. Avoiding the “pulled muscle” pain with PIO is all about finding the right spot, and I was doing my shots a good two inches below where I should have been. Moving up a couple of inches has brought me back to the pain free state that I remember from last time. Hallelujah!