Wow. This stim cycle has gone incredibly fast. Like “blink and you’ll miss it” fast. I’m guessing that a large part of the reason it went so fast was because we had to be in Iowa from Thursday night until Monday (yesterday) morning and we spent our entire weekend out geocaching. Literally. We would get up, eat breakfast, go to my monitoring appointment and then geocache until it was dark. Then we’d get a bite to eat, take showers and we’d be asleep before we knew it. It was great fun, kept my mind off of things completely and was probably good for my body to get some exercise too.

Anyway, the end result is that I was given the go ahead to trigger last night and retrieval is scheduled for Wednesday at 7:45am. I honestly cannot believe how fast this entire cycle has gone and that I’m having my retrieval tomorrow. Things looked pretty good at yesterday’s u/s with a few follicles on my right and a bunch more on the left. My clinic doesn’t seem interested in measuring every follicle, preferring instead to measure only the 3-4 biggest on each side. I would estimate 6-8 follicles on the right and 10-12 on the left, so we should be in good shape.

I’m trying to keep my expectations low, but I would say that from the get go, this cycle has appeared better than that last one. I guess I’m kind of in the mindset that since last cycle did not work out for us, anything that is different in this cycle must be a good thing, so triggering a day earlier than last time gives me some hope too.

Of course the biggest issue will be quality and I’m hoping that by doing Follistim and Repronex together will somehow make better quality eggs. I’ve read in the past that sometimes high doses of one drug can kind of “burn out” your eggs, so maybe using the two meds will lead to better eggs than we had with just Follistim last time.

Anyway, there’s lots of room for speculation of what could happen, and of course I know what I want to happen, now it’s just a matter of waiting to see what will happen. But I feel good and hopeful and optimistic about things. Bring on the retrieval!!!