When I logged into Facebook this morning, I saw that one of my friends (it just happens to be on the one referenced in this post) had participated in a “note” called “Everything you always wanted to know about our first born.” The instructions read ” Here you go mommies – a different kind of survey for a change – it’s all about your first (or only) born! Just copy and paste it in a new note for yourself!” Of course I had to read it just out of curiosity. Interesting, nothing too exciting, moving on with my day.

I signed in to check my e-mail account later in the day and found out that another friend (the friend referenced in this post) had not only participated in this note, but also tagged in me in the note. WHAT? Seriously? I could be wrong, but last time I checked, I’ve never given birth, or even been pregnant.

The very interesting part of this is that the friend who tagged me in this post is one of very few people who know what we’re going through and that we’re doing IVF. She’s aware that we’ve been trying for over two years. She knows what a struggle it’s been for us. And she had to try for 11 months for her son, so it’s not like the struggle to conceive is completely foreign to her.

I just can’t fathom why in the world she would tag me for something like this. I know that she only tagged me as a friend so that I could look at it, not participate in it, but it still feels like such a slap in the face. And to know that she’s aware of how much we went kids and still tag me just boggles my mind.

Sometimes I just have to scratch my head and say REALLY?!?