Today we had our WTF phone consult with our doctor and I think that it went well. The very first thing he said was that I stimmed really well last cycle, so that is good news. Right away I asked him what happened with the egg situation last cycle since I was still in the dark on that. He told me that of our 19 retrieved, three were immature, three were over-mature and the remaining 13 were just right. I’ve read that usually 70% of retrieved eggs are mature, and my 13 eggs are almost exactly 70% of 19, so we seem to be alright in that regard.

If you remember, last cycle was supposed to be the micro-dose lupron cycle, but I F’ed it up immediately by taking only 1/10 of the dose of lupron that I was supposed to. He said that the missed lupron doses may have been a cause for the poor quality eggs, or it could have just been a bad batch. Given my elevated FSH, I’m inclined to think that it was the batch of eggs and not the missed lupron, but I’m no doctor.

Anyway, he suggested that we try the antagonist protocol this time, which is essentially what we ended up doing last time after I messed up the lupron. So after I finish my BCP’s, I’ll go straight to stims and we’ll add in the Cetrotide once the lead follicle gets to a certain size (I think 14mm?). So in all reality, I’ll be doing the exact same thing that I did last time, which is nice since I’m clearly incapable of reading and measuring out the correct dosage of new medicines.

So there weren’t any major revelations during the consult, but our RE seems to believe that we will get pregnant eventually, so that is definitely a good thing.

In other reproductive news, I had my colposcopy for my abnormal pap back in November today. Dr. Ass Clown found a small area inside my cervix that had abnormal cells on them. While he doesn’t think it’s anything serious, he took a sample of cervix tissue and another pap from inside my cervix to send off to the lab for further evaluation. Of course a quick google search of “glandular cells pap” does not make me as confident as Dr. Ass Clown is that there is nothing to worry about. But I’m trying not to worry about and hopefully I will get good news on Monday.

Oh yeah, I’m also in the process of gathering statements of how much we spent in medical bills last year for our taxes. The statement I got from my acupuncture office today reveals that I spent just shy of $3,000 on treatments and supplements there. Holy crap. I hate to say it because it’s not entirely true, but boy does it feel like a huge waste of money considering we still don’t have a baby. Oh well…if nothing else, it was a very, very expensive way to get some relaxation in throughout the past year and now we have a nice big tax deduction for last year.