Well here I sit at 7dp5dt and I’m feeling discouraged. It seems as though every woman who does IVF with hormone support in the TWW complains of crazy symptoms that could be attributed to either the hormones or pregnancy. I fully anticipated feeling those same symptoms and wondering if they were pregnancy related, or just the hormones, but I’m disappointed to say that so far I’ve really not felt much of anything at all. I really, really thought that the cycle I got pregnant it would be very obvious to me and I would be beleaguered with all of those symptoms that I’ve never had, but so desperately wish for. So since I had all of these grand plans of obvious symptoms that have thus far not occurred, it makes me feel like this cycle did not work.

Then I remind myself that there are plenty of women who did not have any symptoms at all and are in fact pregnant. Several women in my online support community have told me how they were absolutely certain that they were not pregnant due to lack of symptoms and were completely shocked when their betas came back positive. I really, really hope that I can report back in a few days that I am one of them. I am doing my best to think positively about everything and I know that no matter what happens, everything will be OK.

On a more positive note, one of the women in my real life support group just got a positive beta from her FET cycle on Friday! I am so very, very happy for her and hope to join her on “the other side” soon. Another woman in our group had her beta today too, and I am eagerly anticipating her results also. I’m hoping for a quick string of three BFP’s so we can all enjoy being pregnant together.

My beta is scheduled for the 29th, though I am strongly considering testing either tomorrow or on Christmas. Tomorrow will be 14 days past retrieval, which should be plenty of time to get a BFP if I am pregnant, right? Here’s hoping I see two pretty pink lines soon enough.