Only one more day until transfer! I have not heard anything yet from the clinic, which I’ve found surprisingly nice. Yup, I’m a huge control freak and one would have assumed that the lack of daily updates would have me upset, yet I’ve found the opposite to be true. It has been such a relief to not have to think about how everything is going and really allowed me to just enjoy my weekend as a whole, which was really nice. So since I haven’t heard anything from the clinic since Friday, I’m operating on the assumption that “no news is good news” or else they would have called me in for a three day transfer yesterday, right?

It struck me for the first time on Saturday the enormity of the situation. We have potential babies sitting in a lab in Iowa right now. They’re part me and part Mark…something that we created together, little tiny pieces of us. As far as we know, it’s the closest that we’ve ever been to being pregnant, and what a gift that is. Hopefully those babies will be inside of me for the next 9 months and will become a part of our lives in the outside world.

I am filled with so much hope right now.