Yup, NINETEEN! That’s how many eggs they were able to retrieve today. My jaw dropped open when the nurse came into the recovery area and told us that they were able to get 19. Here I was fretting that I had already ovulated, yet they were able to retrieve 19 eggs from my “slow starter” ovaries. What a huge relief.

Of course I’m not naive enough to believe that all of those will be mature…in fact I would be so incredibly happy if only half of them are mature. Actually, even less than half would make me happy. I really just want to have a chance.

The range of emotions that I have gone through in the past week and a half are beyond anything I could have imagined, and to finally have made it through retrieval is such a relief for me. I suppose now the real fun starts, huh? Waiting for the fertilization report tomorrow and every day following that. Then the dreaded two week wait. Fortunately for me it’s the holidays and we have lots of activities and shopping to do, so hopefully it will pass by quickly.

Thanks again for everyone’s support lately. It really means so much to me. I have some funny/weird/scary stories to share about today, but I’ve got to run off to my acupunture appointment to hopefully relieve this bloating now. I’ll try to get around to posting those this weekend.