For some crazy reason I am terrified that I have ovulated already and that today’s retreival will be all for naught. I’ve been trying to ignore this fear for the past day when it first crept into my mind, but it isn’t getting any easier. My CF which was once copius and beautiful seems to be drying up and I feel much less “full” than I did yesterday.

It made me insanely nervous to only take one shot of the Garnirelix, but I know absolutely nothing about this drug and am certain that my health care providers know what they’re doing and they they have prescribed me the correct meds and at the correct times. It still doesn’t help with this nagging feeling though.

I’m sure everthing will be just fine, but I am so freaking nervous about the outcome, it’s not even funny. Retreival is in one hour and 45 minutes. God I hope it goes well.