So yeah, not the best title, but it speaks for itself. Here’s what my life’s been like the past few days:

· Baseline went well on Friday
· I promptly started taking the wrong dosage of my microdose lupron first thing on Saturday
· I didn’t realize that I was taking the wrong dose until Sunday evening, 3 doses later
· I freaked out and didn’t want to call the clinic to tell them for fear of being cancelled
· Mark made me call the clinic
· We were able to change up my protocol by eliminating the lupron altogether and we’ll add Cetrotide later
· Breathe big sigh of relief that we were not cancelled
· Figure out that someone has fraudulently charged $200 in porn to my credit card
· Go for first monitoring appointment this morning at which the nurse only finds two follicles on my left ovary
· Right ovary is missing in action, somehow
· Get a call from my gynecologist saying that my pap a couple of weeks ago came back with abnormal cells
· They want me to go in for a colposcopy to check out the abnormal cells
· Ride home from Iowa takes a stressful and tense 5 hours and 45 minutes instead of the usual four due to a nice snowfall
· After returning to work, find out that Mark is not getting the job that he was the perfect candidate for and would have been a great promotion (and financial relief in paying off our IVF debt)

Anyway, it seems like anything that can go wrong has in the past few days. I’m hoping for a great response on Friday to make up for all of the crappiness that has gone on lately.

I know that I have been nominated for a couple of awards (thank you!) within the past couple of weeks and I need to return some comments also. I will try to get to those real soon, but things are kind of hectic now, so please try to bear with me.