Nope, not the HCG trigger, we’re not even remotely close to that yet. Hell, I haven’t even started stimming.

No, Monday for lunch I had me some meat. My first meat in 16 years. It was delicious. It was Arby’s.

When my friends found out what my first meal was, I got two responses:

1. Arby’s? Awesome! Now I’m hungry for Arby’s!
2. Arby’s? You had what?!? That’s not even real meat!! Gross!

Look, I went 16 years without eating meat. Don’t you think that I’m going to make my first meal with meat something that I really, really, REALLY like? Yup. I grew up on Arby’s. My parents weren’t real big fans of fast food burger joints and my mom probably figured that in some crazy way roast beef is healthier for you, so we ate at Arby’s (and Rax, does anyone remember Rax?) a lot. So Arby’s was a logical choice for me. Not to mention the fact that I wasn’t even sure that I could go through with it and certainly didn’t want to spend $20 on a nice steak if I couldn’t execute the plan.

So in any event, I’m a meat eater again. I have to say though, that my return to meat has been less than spectacular. I’ve had ham, turkey and chicken (twice) since Monday and so far my best meal has undoubtedly been that Arby’s roast beef sandwich. Seriously. Did I just lose my taste for meat? To be fair, NONE of this meat has been prepared by me. The turkey and ham were at our company Thanksgiving potluck, one of the chicken dishes was at a mexican restaurant, and the other was one of those pre-seasoned chicken breast things that you just cook for 15 minutes or whatever. None of them were really good, certainly nothing I would ever crave. I’m really hoping that I can find some recipes that are sugar and dairy free that I like so that this whole “giving up being a vegetarian” thing is worthwhile.

Anyone have any sugar free and dairy free meat recipes that they’d like to share?

Anyway, I’m off to Red Robin in a few minutes for a birthday celebration. I’m debating on whether to try beef for the first time, or if I should stay with chicken. Honestly, a burger with out cheese just seems like a waste of calories to me. I have a feeling I’ll end up with chicken, but I guess only time will tell!