The past few weeks I’ve been fantasizing that we might somehow get pregnant naturally before we had to move on to another IVF cycle. I know that it was super unrealistic, but it’s happened to plenty of women, and it’s much more fun to imagine that it might somehow happen than to not.

Our timing this month was less than ideal due to the fact that Mark was away for business when I ovulated, which meant that chances of getting pregnant were even slimmer. However, a strange thing happened this month. I’ve mentioned how I’m a chronic spotter, starting as early as two days after ovulation in some cases. Well this month the days kept ticking by and no spotting. Every time I went to the bathroom I fully expected it to have started, but day after day I was shocked to find that there was none. Of course this only served to feed my completely unrealistic dream of a natural pregnancy.

It all came to an end today at eleven days after ovulation when the spotting finally showed up. While I knew it was a huge long shot, I’m still a little bummed. But I am so super excited to get started with our IVF cycle, I really feel like this is going to be the one that works for us. I’m excited to try the new protocol and see how I respond to it. I’m excited about the prospect of making it to egg retrieval and then to embryo transfer. I’m excited to have hopefully my last two-week wait for a long time. We’re gearing up, and I couldn’t be more excited!