For our last IVF attempt, I was prescribed 150 units of Follistim in the mornings and 150 units of Repronex in the evenings. I was totally psyched to do the Repronex because it came in these neat little glass vials and you had to mix the solution up with the concentrated powdered meds each time and then transfer that solution into yet another vial of the concentrated Repronex. I felt like a chemist the first time I had to mix up the solution and had so much fun doing it. The medicine itself looked like an Altoid and I imagined that it would take a while for the solution to dissolve the medicine. Boy was I wrong. The second the solution hits the little lozenge of medicine, it instantly disappears and completely dissolved. Crazy, and very cool!

Anyway, the fun of mixing up the Repronex was quickly negated by the pain of the injection itself. I had heard in advance that Repronex does tend to sting more than your average stim med, so I tried to prepare myself for that. I wasn’t too concerned with the poking part of the injection because the needle seemed very similar in size and length to the Follistim needle, which was a breeze, and I was planning to inject the meds nice and slow in an effort to minimize the sting.

All of my efforts were for naught. Injecting the meds did sting, but not so bad that it was unbearable or anything. The problem was that once the meds went in, they didn’t seem to go anywhere. It was as though I had a little pouch of liquid sitting right below my skin that I could swish around with my fingertips. It was definitely sore immediately after I injected it. I was hoping that it would feel better in the morning, but I was sorely wrong (pun intended). When I woke up in the morning, the entire left side of my stomach was tender. It hurt to cough, sneeze, sit up, or anything that remotely engaged my stomach muscles. I was miserable. I seriously thought that I had somehow managed to hit a stomach muscle of some sort when I stuck myself.

After a couple of days and some Reiki from my mom, the tenderness started to go away. I’m still not sure if I just really messed up that first injection somehow, or if my body was just starting to get used to the Repronex, but I did eventually feel better.

The point of all of this? Thankfully there will be NO Repronex included in my protocol this next time around; just Follistim. I am very thankful for that and will not miss the Repronex at all, even if it means I don’t get to play chemist anymore.