So it occurred to me the other day that I don’t think I ever posted about our WTF phone consult with the RE a few weeks ago. The doctor said immediately that we hit a road bump, but that he doesn’t think that it is any indication of how future cycles will go. He said that I just got over-suppressed, which is what I had imagined had happened. When my nurse called after my suppression check and first E2 draw and told me that I should reduce my Lupron from 10 units to 5 units, that was my very first thought. All of the lovely ladies at Ovusoft told me that it wasn’t a big deal and that most women have their Lupron dropped when they started stims, but I hadn’t started stims yet; I was still five days away from starting stims. Anyway, it came as no surprise to me that the RE was chalking up the cancellation to over-suppression.

So the plan is to take a break cycle, which I’m currently doing, and then start again with my next cycle. This time we will do the micro dose lupron protocol instead of the long lupron in an attempt to avoide over-suppression again. Our RE seems to think that this will make all of the difference, and I certainly hope that he’s correct.

I’m very pleased with how this break cycle is going so far, because I did actually end up ovulating. I have read stories of women online who did not ovulate following a cancelled cycle and ended up waiting weeks for a new cycle, only to have to take progesterone in the end to bring on the next cycle. Fortunately, it seems that my body remembers what it is supposed to do, and in about a week and a half, we should be starting our second attempt at our first IVF.

I am definitely looking forward to getting started again. I am in no means a patient person, and having to go through so much time waiting for our first IVF cycle only to get cancelled has made me anticipate this next cycle all that much more. As crazy as it sounds, I cannot wait to start doing my injections again…I am chomping at the bit!