I sure hope that’s what I am.

Today’s u/s showed only four little follicles measuring around 5mm each. The nurse seemed very discouraged about that. In fact, while she had the ultrasound wand roaming around inside me looking for any follicles that might be growing, she actually asked me how old I am. That combined with the fact that I wasn’t seeing any pretty black splotches on the u/s screen convinced me that things were not going well before she even said anything.

So she said that I may just be a “slow starter.” She said that most women who are where I am in my cycle usually have 7mm to 8mm follicles and mine are only 5mm. I’m guessing that most would also have more than four follicles at this stage as well.

After a few hours of panic, I realized that it is what it is. It is still super early (I’d only been stimming for 2.5 days at the time of the u/s) and there is plenty of time for me to catch up and they didn’t increase my meds at all, so it can’t be too bad, right? And worrying about it isn’t going to make the situation any better, it will only stress me out more. So the plan is just to stay positive, keep going to acupuncture and hope for the best on Friday.