It might seem like a question that doesn’t require a lot of thought. But I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it lately. There are 17 fertility related blogs in my RSS feed and if I weren’t so selfish, I would not hesitate for a moment to add them to my blogroll. I would love for these women to receive some of the great support that I have from the readers of my blog.

But there’s one small thing keeping me from doing so. Most of the blogs that I keep up with have their own blogrolls. Sometimes I’ll click around other bloggers’ blogrolls and see what they’re reading. The thing that I’m finding is that a lot of those infertility bloggers on the blogrolls are now pregnant. For example, there is one woman who has twelve infertility blogs listed on her blogroll and all but one are pregnant.

On one hand, this should be really encouraging to me. All of those women struggled with fertility somehow, and nearly all of them are pregnant now. That in and of itself should give me hope and maybe there’s some benefit to associating with

On the other hand, I cannot imagine how difficult it would be if six months or a year from now nearly all of the bloggers that I keep up with and listed on my blog were pregnant and I was not. I guess it seems like a scoreboard in some sense…a constant reminder of those who have achieved what they wanted while I could potentially still be struggling.

So to all of those who regularly read and comment on my blog, please know that I’m not trying to slight you. I guess it’s just a self defense mechanism. I’m hoping that someday soon I will feel comfortable enough to be able to add all of you wonderful people to my blogroll.