So I realized that I’ve been missing in action for a couple of weeks. It was most certainly not intentional, there just hasn’t been that much to update on. I’ve been doing my nightly lupron shots and that’s pretty much all that’s been going on in regards to our IVF cycle, so not too exciting.

In non-IVF related news, Mark and I recently spent some time in Colorado. It was a great break from everything and worked out nicely as a quick vacation before we get into the heart of this cycle. We had originally planned to do lots of hiking and mountain biking, but Mark messed up his ankle pretty bad when we were mountain biking at Winter Park on day two of vacation, so the rest of our plans had to be completely changed. Honestly, this was a little bit of a relief for me since I wasn’t so sure that I would be able to do all of the mountain ascents that Mark wanted to do. So all in all, it probably worked out for the best since things ended up being a lot more relaxing and mellow than they would have been otherwise.

On the way back from the clinic we stopped in Iowa for my baseline ultrasound and blood work. Sheila (our nurse) said that everything looked great on the u/s and said that we would only hear from them if there were issues with the blood work. She gave me my Follistim pen and sent us on our way. On the four hour drive back home, I got a phone call from an Iowa area code and of course my heart sank right away. Since she said they would only call if there were problems, I was immediately nervous. Sheila said that she wanted me to reduce my lupron from the 10 units I had been taking down to 5 units. Since my original calendar showed that I was supposed to take the 10 units all the way through until trigger, I was a little concerned. I wondered if being on the lupron for so long had over suppressed me and that’s what she wanted me to reduce the dosage. I started to worry about it and then realized that I couldn’t do that. I can not obsess and worry over every u/s, blood work result or medication change. I’m sure that there will be a lot of changes and I just need to trust that my medical professional know what they’re doing. They are the experts after all and their success rates speak for themselves.

So for now I’m just cruising along on the lupron but I get to start my stims on Monday! I feel like this has been such a long time coming that I just can’t wait to get to the “good part” of the cycle. Everyone says that once you start stims things go really fast, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

Unfortunately for me, Mark has to go out of town next week for work so he will be gone for my first two monitoring appointments. I’m a little disappointed in that, but I also know that he will be making some nice money while he’s away, and that will help to us to pay off this huge debt that we’ve incurred. My mom has graciously volunteered to make the two trips down to Iowa with me and my dad will stay here in town and take care of our dogs while my mom and I are gone.

So things are going really well right now. I feel positive and am looking forward to everything that is to come!