I can’t believe how fast this past three weeks has gone by.  When I started the birth control pills, the end of the third row of pills seemed an eternity away.  But now it’s here and I’ve reached the last one.  From here on out, it’s lupron only and that makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Assuming that my baseline u/s next Thursday goes well, then I’m also only two weeks away from starting stims.  It feels like I’ve come so far already that to think that I still have two weeks to go before we even get to the good stuff is a little disheartening, but I know that the time will pass quickly.

This Friday we are leaving to go to Colorado for a few days and we’ll swing by the clinic on our way back for my baseline.  I’ll start stims the following Monday, so to me it feels like I just need to make it to Friday and then the time will fly by and I’ll be stimming before I know it!

We went to a wedding this weekend, so I had to do my lupron shot at the reception.  It went fine with the minor exception that I completely forgot to do it until 45 minutes after I was supposed to.  I had even set my cell phone alarm to remind me to take it, by my purse got separated from me and it was too loud to hear the alarm anyway.  I think since I’m still on the BCP’s it should be fine, plus it was within and hour of when I was due to take it, so I’m not going to let the lateness bother me.

I also had some kind of illness this weekend.  My allergies have been really bothering me lately and I thought that they were just acting up a lot.  On Saturday I felt miserable from about 5pm on and by about 10pm I was convinced that I had a fever.  I managed to tough it out and we stayed at the wedding until about 11:30 when I just couldn’t take it anymore.

We got home and I used my charting thermometer to take my temp and found out I had a fever of 100.5.  I self diagnosed myself with a sinus infection (though I’ve never actually had one before) and took all kinds of meds and went straight to bed.  In the morning my fever had broken and my headache was gone, but the congestion remained. 

Now I’m feeling just OK and hoping that everything resolved itself soon since it would really suck to be sick in Colorado.  I would imagine that congestion and pressure is just that much worse at elevation, so if I’m not feeling better by Wednesday, I guess I’ll have to make a trip to the doctor.

Other than that, we’re just cruising along, doing lupron injections and counting down the days until Colorado!