The meds have arrived! I don’t know what it is about reciving my meds that is so exciting, but I thought I was going to explode when my box finally arrived. I wanted to take it home IMMEDIATELY to open it and look at everything.

I was finally able to leave for lunch about an hour later and took these pics.

Here is my HUGE box of meds next to my laptop for reference.

Here are all of the meds and needles spread out for your viewing pleasure.

And here is everything all sorted and put into its respective storage container to avoid confusion.

Finally, here is the top of my progesterone in oil bottle, which I thought was quite funny.

You see, I’m somewhat terrified of doing the intramuscular shots, so to open the box and see those words made me feel as though the PIO was indeed flipping me off. I sincerely hope that those words are not at all indicative of how the PIO shots will go down.

I feel like a crazy woman for even saying this, but I can’t wait to start putting all of those meds in my body! Lupron starts on Tuesday and I cannot wait!